Happy Zero Waste Week 2011

Happy National Zero Waste Week! This year’s theme is 'reducing waste away from home'. The idea is to pledge to do at least one thing this week which will reduce the waste you produce when away from home - like using our refilling stations to fill up a reusable bottle rather than buying a single use bottle of water.

Here's some more ideas:

  • Use your own travel mug rather than disposable plastic cups in places like Starbucks or at work
  • Take a zero waste packed lunch to work or school
  • If you’re eating out ask to take your leftovers home to reduce food waste
  • Try to avoid plastic straws, plastic cups and disposable cutlery when eating out.

We'd love to hear what you are going to do (or already do!) to reduce your waste away from home, leave us a comment below.

Visit the National Zero Waste Week 2011 page here for more ways you can reduce waste.