The lifebottles are here!

We're very excited to announce that after two years of designing and perfecting our lifebottles they have finally arrived in our shop!

Made from high quality stainless steel our stylish lifebottles are naturally bpa free, durable and will last a lifetime.  The vacuum construction will keep your drink cold for much longer than a normal plastic or aluminium bottle, great for warm summer days, long meetings, the gym or for the kids to take to school.

The lifebottles also have an innovative cap with a special storage compartment for taptabs.  The taptabs come in 6 yummy flavours, from traditional orange to exotic sea buckthorn. Just add them to your water to create a great tasting drink and store some spares in the cap of your lifebottle so you have them on hand wherever you refill.  What's more, to celebrate the launch of our shop we're giving away a free pack of taptabs with every lifebottle!*

All profits from the sales of the lifebottles will be used to; expand our network of refilling stations; raise awareness of the damaging effects of bottled waters on our environment; and provide mains fed water machines for schools.

Visit our shop to see the full range of products and order your lifebottle today!


*For a limited time only. Offer only available through our website.