Bottled water not healthier than tap says new research

Many people choose bottled water because they think it is healthier than the water out of their taps but new research suggests that tap water may actually be the healthier option.

45% of children studied by Dr. Marc H. Gorrelick , pediatrician and professor of pediatrics at the Medical College of Wisconsin, drank bottled water exclusively, and those who drank more bottled water than tap water were also more prone to both cavities and diarrheal illnesses.

Dr. Gorelick commented, “One of the problems is that bottled water does not contain fluoride, which is an important factor in fighting cavities.”

“And our research showed that children who consumed bottled water exclusively or a majority of the time tended to be more susceptible to chronic diarrhea.”

The study has been published in the Archive of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine .  A similar study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine found that 45% of children treated for severe diarrhea drank only or mostly bottled water. 

“Despite perceptions about the safety and health effect of bottled water, there is little if any objective evidence that in most circumstances there is any actual health benefit of bottled water over tap water.”