Bronx bottled water shop.

We don't even have bottled water shops in the wealthiest parts of London so why in the Bronx, read more.............

According to a study from the Medical College of Wisconsin, poor families are three times more likely to buy bottled water.

Figures show the average American family spends up to £415 per year on bottled water, with Latinos and black families spending more than white.

It found that they prefer bottled water because they believe it to be safer and cleaner.

In total, the industry is worth £10 billion a year and is dominated by Nestlé, Pepsi and Coke.

Urbeno Estevez, 27, told the paper he was shocked after taking a taste test.

'The Bronx water tasted the best,' said the Dominican Republic immigrant. 'I usually buy bottled water at the store because we don’t drink the tap water in my country. Now I realise I should be drinking Bronx water.'

Nestlé claims it supports people drinking more water, 'regardless of whether it comes from a faucet or a bottle,' and admits that tap water is safe to drink.

The company insists that bottled water can help tackle obesity among Latinos and that Pure Life adverts urge people to buy water rather than sugary drinks.