Our Olympic Proposal

We were asked by Boris Johnsons Green Team to provide a solution for free drinking water at the Olympics. We had at least 10 different meetings at the GLA town hall and at each meeting the Green Team expressed interest but said they would have to seek approval of our scheme from Coka Cola the drinks sponsor. After much debate our proposal was rejected by Coka Cola. What we had suggested were temporay marqees with manis fed chilling machines that can fill three bottles at once. Each marquee would be manned by a volunteer ensuring no risk of possible cross contamination from the mouth piece of the bottle touching the dispensing head. Attached is a photo of the marquee and stainless steel high volume machine proposed, the scheme was offered for free and manned for free by tapwater.org

Watch this space on Wednesday to see what was accepted by the GLA for our 9 Billion pounds games paid for by tax payers.