I would love to have a job making up this stuff to entice the general public to buy more plastic. We at tapwater.org are collecting the most outrageous bottled water marketing blurb used to get us to part with our hard earned cash. Part one is a piece from the Waitrose in house magazine about their Penta bottled water.

It's 'ultra purified", restructured micro-water' that offers 'optimal cellular hydration' Sounds expensive to me? I wonder how it works !! "By disrupting the natural occuring molecule clusters in water with high-energy sound waves, they are able to pass more easily through the body's cell membranes, quenching the thirst better" Apparantly it offers significant health benefits or does it mean you visit the bathroom more often.

Please reply if you are an expert on this stuff, for my part I hope it makes you smile and watch out for part 2. I am also looking for your poetic marketing blurb so please send it to me and I will publish as many as you send.