Comment from Ringmer Community College

Ringmer Community College and Sixth Form is an Ambassador Green Flag Eco School situated in the South East of England. A couple of years ago a survey of our refuse and litter showed that we were throwing literally hundreds of plastic drink bottles away in week. Our first thought was to look at how we could recycle the bottles but then we thought how much better it would be if we weren’t using them in the first place. This is where came to our assistance. are a not for profit organisation which supply high quality reusable stainless steel bottles which can not only keep things cold but hat as well (not both at the same time!) Through the organisation we also rented some mains water coolers  which are plumbed in around the college for students and staff to refill their bottles. The amount of litter was reduced, the number of sweet drinks coming into the college was reduced and students respected the water coolers. There is a cost but this can be funded from the PTA or similar and the bottles are sold at cost from our college shop.

You can find out more about from their website:

Makes it all worth while...............tapwater team