Thank you to all of our tap water supporters.

Thank you once again for buying our products the proceeds of which go to support the following.

Hi Mike - the winning team is from Fife Gymnastics Club, who operate from the premises run by the Kingdom Gymnastics Trust.  Fife Gym Club is a women's artistic competition club, with around 24 kids ranging from age 5 to age 18.  Fife Gym Club selects children who are showing potential (from other local clubs who are part of Fife Network) and offers them the opportunity to come along and train with highly qualified coaches and a choreographer - hopefully these girls will go down an elite gymnastics pathway, competing on vault, beam, bars and floor.  The recreational children remain involved in gymnastic classes run by Fife network Clubs.
We divided the kids into groups, and each child received a sticker on their water bottle, every time they brought the same bottle into the gym, stickers were also awarded for personal achievement within the gym for the recreational groups.  The group that had the most stickers on their water bottles won the 'lifebottles'.  Stickers were also awarded on a consistency basis as some children are in the gym 5 times per week so we did not want to penalise those kids who only come once per week - sounds complicated but we had a fair system in place.
All the kids were very enthusiastic, loved the lifebottles, very impressed that they could customise them, and most of all thought the bright pink and orange colours were very funky - everyone group wanted to win.    The parents were all given a factsheet with information taken from your website - this also encouraged parents to support drinking tap water as first choice, and hopefully this will have a knock on effect with the gymnasts brothers and sisters.
As a bonus, the plastic recycling bin is no longer overflowing will plastic bottles spilling out all over the place, we've educated parents as well as children, kid's are drinking fresh, healthy, cold Scottish water, and parents are saving some money too - it's a win win situation for everyone.

Lynn Slater

Fife Gymnastics Club