Shop of the tops

Ninety five percent of the beautiful Fulmar birds have plastic in their stomach, a shocking statistic from this video by Lush.  Lush travelled to Scotland to find out more about the Fulmar birds and how our plastic waste affects them and all the other coastal and marine wildlife.  Even after travelling so far from the cities, to a remote place with a population of only 20,000 people, the beaches were still covered in plastic.  Watch it to find out more about the problem and how you can help.

Lush are now trying to reduce plastic waste by collecting plastic bottle caps in their stores.  Plastic bottle caps can't be recycled in household schemes so they are asking consumers to take the bottle caps to their local Lush shop where they will be recycled into new black pots for their products.  All the Lush shops are also signed up to our scheme so you can visit them for a tap water refill too! Great work Lush!