Coca Cola bans drinking water from British 2012 Olympic Games

4 years ago when the United Kingdom won the Olympic bid Seb Coe said "tap water will be the drink of the 2012 Olympic Games" Turning the clock forward 4 years its being revealed that Coka Cola have got their wish and banned free drinking water from the park. Well done Seb. The explaination was mentioned in this month's Jellied Eel who's job it was to negotiate free tap water refilling fountains in the park for the UK public.  The Jellied Eel said "Be sure to bring an empty bottle with you and fill up for free at one of the drinking water facilities. Don't bring your own bottled water or refillable bottle with tap water as these are banned from the Olympic venues. I rang the Editor of Jellied Eel to ask where and what were the "drinking water facilities" but he was unavailable for comment but John from the Eel said "Coka Cola have not yet disclosed where these are likely to be" Try the toilet Seb !!

If you are going to the games please let us know if tap water is freely avaialble, plus any other thoughts you may have thanks.