Nicest design of a stainless steel reusable water bottle to date!

Michael Smith of Green (Living) Review has written a  really positive review of our new lifebottle.  He writes "The lifebottle is, by far, to date, the nicest design of a stainless steel reusable water bottle that I have seen, held and used."  Thanks very much Michael! We're glad the hard work we put in to perfect the design has paid off.

He goes on to say "The double-wall design acts somewhat like a vacuum Thermos® flask, to a degree, and is said to keep liquids hot or cold, as the requirement might be, for up to 20 hours. Despite the double-wall construction the lifebottle is still extremely light.  The sleek design and sheer beauty of it should make the lifebottle a popular choice for many even though the price may be a little higher than that of some of the competition.  The bottle looks a little – probably more than just a little – when you discount the cap – like some old-fashioned and old-time glass milk bottle that used to be used in doorstep milk delivery and it is this shape that makes it very attractive indeed."

Read the full review here.