Eden's water now sustainable

We've teamed up with the super green and lovely people from Eden Caterers Ltd and have now installed for them all the equipment to filter, chill and carbonate their mains fed water.  They will be supplying water on executive catering orders in our smart stainless steel 1 litre lifebottles which can then be cleaned and reused for the next order.  They’ve been branded with the Eden Caterers Ltd logo, and have “Still” and “Fizzy” laser etched onto the caps.  As Hugh Walker from Eden Caterers Ltd says, “This is the future for smart, sustainable drinking water”.

All their staff now have their own bottle and fill up as they wish from the new filter machine. No wasted water, no plastic cups to dispose of and the water never runs out!

If you like the sound of this and want to know how to get this in your office, get in touch with Mike and he’ll explain all!