Bristol Water quality checks

In Bristol and surrounding areas tap water is tested 120,000 times per year. Bottled water is self regulated meaning that companies selling the stuff provide there own tests. When you consider that trust is soon forgotton when profits can be made, take horse meat as one example. Can we really trust these companies to tell us the truth.

Extract from the Bristol Water website

Excellent water quality is fundamental to providing the level of service our customers expect from us. Our aim is always to supply water that is not just safe to drink but is good to drink. We achieve this using advanced treatment processes and a team of highly trained staff.

Proof of this lies in our water quality results, with over 99.9% of the 120,000 drinking water tests carried out each year being compliant with UK and EU drinking water standards.

Continued investment in new treatment processes, renovation of water mains and partnerships with catchment stakeholders (click here to go to our section on catchment protection) ensures this high standard of water qualilty is maintained.

You can find out more about the drinking water we supply to your home, including water hardness information, by using our postcode search below.