We Love Tap Water

Brian Pirolozzi, a junior majoring in biomedical sciences stared at his bottle of Dasani incredulously.

"Why would we have to buy bottled water if it wasn't better than tap water?" he said.

LIke many others, Pirolozzi said he thought botted water was healthier than tap water because it costs more. The bottled water industry has yearly sales ranging between £50 billion to £100 billion worldwide.

Advertisements represent it as being a healthy alternative to tap water. It is bottled to be aesthetically pleasing, with one brand's bottle shaped like a drop of water with a gold cap.

The nationwide average cost of tap water is 0.65 pence per 1000 litres though consumers spend around 1,900 times as much to drink bottled water, which is about £1.80 per litre.

The price of bottled water could be defendable if consumers gained something from the extra charge. But Connie Mizak, a professor said that has yet to be proven.

"There is no empirical evidence that bottled water is cleaner than tap water ... There's a lot of money being made on a resource that is available to all of us out of our taps at home. It is a scheme, essentially," she said. "The scary part is that, while tap water is regulated by the Drinking Water Inspectorate and has to meet the Safe Drinking Water Act standards, bottled water is self regulated.

"Companies are buying whole aquifers and depleting them to a point that sink holes are created," she said. "These aquifers are essentially holding up everything around them, and when you draw water out of them at an unsustainable rate, it's going to lead to a collapse."

After learning the facts concerning his bottle of water, Pirolozzi was less than thrilled about taking another sip.

"I feel like I'm being robbed and poisoned simultaneously," he said.