Tracey and Amy from Wales

We would like to share these photo's of Tracey and Amy from Wales with our lifebottles very cool. The message below from Tracey was also attached.

"Photos of our Lifebottle®. That's me, Tracey in red and my daughter, Amy. Incidentally we just purchased three more (with ice sticks) for the rest of the family. These are really great products and undoubtedly the best water bottles on the market today. The Ice Stick system is pure genius.

My husband, Huw is totally sold on the idea and loves the whole ethos so much that he wants to work for you, promoting here in Wales. He's already telling everyone he meets about the Lifebottle® and the madness of selling water in plastic bottles. As soon as one realises the real impact of the problem, it's a real shock staring at the packed shelves of bottles in the supermarket. The thing is, he used to drink a lot of sugared drinks in plastic bottles. Now he just drinks beautifully chilled tap water from his Lifebottle®. And yes, he stole mine, but it's ok because I think I will prefer the smaller size to carry with me.

Keep up the great work and if there's anything we can do voluntarily to help out in Cardiff and surrounding areas, please let us know."