Mapping global bottled water consumption

Benjamin Hennig from the University of Sheffield and Edward Stanley from University College London have used data on global bottled water consumption and its origins to create some interesting maps. The map above shows the total bottled water consumption in each country (the countries are also shaded by their per capita consumption of bottled water).  As you can see, the map shows a high concentration of bottled water consumption in the industrialised world, where you would generally expect good access to high-quality tap water.

In contrast some of the poorest countries play little role in global bottled water consumption, and some of the driest regions of the planet can hardly be identified on the map.

When we take a closer look at where the global players of bottled water production have their origins (by showing the number of bottled water brands in each of the countries) we can see that the bottled water industry is a market dominated by European water brands (as shown in the map below).

Benjamin Henning comments that “these maps show one perspective on the growing importance of water as an economic commodity. This contributes to growing inequalities in access to safe water (or water at all), which are already high”.

For more info and more interesting maps go here.

Source: The maps on this page have been created by Benjamin Hennig and the worldmapper team. They are property of the SASI Research Group (University of Sheffield).