Back from Limetree, a great success!

We’re back from Limetree Festival, the world’s very first plastic bottled water free music festival.   We spent a very muddy weekend handing out water to all the visitors, event staff and even the artists.  Although the weather was not kind, it did not dampen our spirits and the event was a fabulous success.  We received a great response from visitors and had a fantastic time filling up bottles and talking to lots of new people!  

It was a bold move from the organisers at Limetree to ban bottled water from the site, leaving tap water the only way to go, but it worked.  Everyone was more than happy to fill up bottles at the tent (especially since it saved them the £1.50 they would normally have had to spend on bottled water) and it made for a much more sociable atmosphere.

Photo: Proud owners of their new lifebottles

People also had the opportunity to try our new taptab flavours, which were very popular with kids.  Some were cheeky enough to empty their bottles behind the tent just so they could come back to refill and try another flavour!

No plastic bottles going to landfill, and 4000 people saved £1.50 a time – what an amazing achievement.

Photo: Helen Mackman takes colour coordination seriously.  She chose her lifebottles to perfectly match her mini - Brilliant!