Good news for tap water - the fashionable mineral water company Fiji Water announced that it is closing it's only factory due to a dispute with the nation's ruling military Junta. Celebrities will soon have to find a new way to quench their thirst (tap water?).  The announcement came after the government announced a new tax of 15 cents [10 pence] per litre on companies extracting more than 3.5 million litres of water a month. Previously, the tax rate was just one third of one cent.  Orders from suppliers have been put on hold by Fiji Water, which produces the most popular brand of imported water in the US.

Fiji Water has styled itself as an eco-friendly product, claiming that it pays to offset all the carbon emissions which come from transporting square plastic bottles from one of the world's most remote locations to the refrigerators of major cities. However critics have scoffed at the notion that bottled mineral water can ever be environmentally responsible, and what happens to the miilions of plastic bottles once the water has been drunk? Many residents of Fiji have no access to clean drinking water, whilst Fiji water ships millions of litres each month to Americans who already have clean safe water in their homes.